7 Best Ways To Make DIY Curtain Tie Backs

curtain tie backs

Curtains increase the beauty of our homes and with amazing tie-backs, the beauty increases more. These window coverings need care, one of the good options is to fold these curtains at the one corner of the window. The perfectly folded curtains with beautiful tie-backs make rooms attractive and charming.

You should be looking for the best way to make a curtain’s tieback idea, But you know that good tie-backs come with a price, I mean they’re expensive to buy, and why waste your money on such things if you can make these in your home? This guide will give you stunning ideas of the best ways to make DIY curtain tie backs.

07 Curtain Tie Backs Which You Can Make by Yourself

Window curtains need to be treated well if you want them to survive for a long time. Tie-back is the best way to save your curtains if they’re not in use. But if you don’t want to buy them or want to make even more beautiful tiebacks in your home, then how to do it? Well, we have the ideas!

Here are the 7 best ways to make DIY curtain tie backs, that will help you to make the best amazing and gorgeous tiebacks on your own.

Fabric Scrap Tiebacks

Fabric Scrap Tiebacks

This fabric scrap tieback is a creative and eco-friendly way to make curtains tie backs in your home. To make this type of tieback, get different colors of clean fabric strips three or five, twist those fabric strips around each other, and secure them around your curtains.

It’s a simple way to give your curtains a personal and colorful matching touch. This is also a budget-friendly idea by recycling some useless fabrics.

Rose Vine Tieback

Rose Vine Tieback

To make this type of beautiful-looking rose vine, gather artificial flowers that like the vine color, or you can choose another flower you like. Attach those flowers and their leaves to a rope. After that, hang them around the curtains, now you have the most fantastic and natural tieback. It’s a lovely way to make curtain tie backs.

Fabric Bow

Fabric Bow

If you have a combination of sheer curtains and other heavy curtains on your windows, then you make a gorgeous fabric bow using them. Sheer curtains are less expensive to buy, so you can consider buying one with a matching color.

To make this tieback tie the sheer curtains around those heavy curtains and make a flower-shaped bow or any other bow you like using sheer curtains.

Wooden Bead Tieback

Wooden Bead Tieback

Another way to make curtains tie backs is to get some wooden beads and a rope to make it. Tie the wooden beads around with the rope and color them if you like. You can either leave it natural as it was or you can color it according to the room’s theme.

This tieback is perfect for heavy curtains like blackout curtains. This is also a creative and budget-friendly idea to decorate your window curtains.

Elegant Ribbon Tieback

Elegant Ribbon Tieback

To give your space a soft and luxurious look, you should consider searching for a luxury and attractive ribbon. You may find it in your home or simply go to market. After getting it simply tie that ribbon around your curtain with a creative bow to know.

Yes, we love simple things and this is the simplest and most lovely way to make a tieback for your curtain. This tieback is gonna give your space an attractive and suitable touch.

Vintage Doorknob Tiebacks

Vintage Doorknob Tiebacks

Look for an old doorknob in your home’s store or an old shop. After getting it, attach that door knob to one side of your window’s wall, the side where curtains can easily reach. Hang those curtains on the doorknob, now you have a creative and simple decor for your window.

An old door knob gives a vintage look to your space with some awesome vibes. The doorknob can easily be found anywhere in your home or hardware shop. It’s a more durable way to hang your curtains.

Nature-Inspired Branch Tiebacks 

Nature-Inspired Branch Tiebacks 

These tiebacks bring nature to your home. To make these go outside or to a park, find branches with thickness and flexibility that are suitable to tie curtains back. Attach the branches to the wall of your window, after that tie the curtains with those branches, now you have all set.

This natural tieback decor is the last idea we have in this article. This costless tieback replicates your love for nature by bringing outside nature into your home.

Wrap Up

Finding suitable curtains for your room? or want the perfect fit for one? Don’t worry, at fixitcurtain.com you can buy amazing curtains for your windows or have them fixed at affordable prices.

Now you have all the 7 best ways to make DIY curtain tie backs. Let’s hope you find a perfect suit for your curtains and space. Your window curtains are expensive and you don’t wanna buy them daily right? So they need some gentle care, and you should give them some rest if they’re not at work.

That’s why we have provided you with all the possible ways and affordable to make curtain tie backs. Whether you’re looking for simple fabric ideas, ribbon ideas, or wanna go with natural tie backs we have covered you in all of them.


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