7 Tips For Choosing the Right Electric Curtain Opener

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Installing an electric curtain opener, also called a motorized or remote-controlled curtain opener, is a great way to add convenience and luxury to your home. With just the click of a button, you can open and close your curtains without having to get up. This can be especially nice if your curtains are large, long, or hard to reach.

If you want to buy an electric curtain opener, you have a lot of choices. Prices vary based on features and quality, from cheap to very expensive. Electric curtain openers with useful features like timers, smart home links, and more are available from companies like Fixitcurtain.com. We will look at the 7 tips for choosing the right electric curtain opener to make your investment worthy.

How to Select the Best Electric Curtain Opener? 7 Essential Tips

Measure Your Windows Properly

measure your windows

The first thing you’ll need to do is take proper measurements of your windows. You want to measure the width and height accurately and make sure to account for any obstructions like handles and frames. These measurements will ensure you get an electric curtain opener that fits your windows correctly. Ill-fitting hardware can cause issues down the road.

Consider the Weight and Material of Your Curtains

Electric curtain openers come with varying weight capacities. Light sheer curtains don’t require as sturdy hardware as heavy blackout curtains. Make sure to choose an opener designed for the thickness, weight, and material of your specific curtains. This ensures smooth operation and prevents wear and tear or possible damage over time.

Get the Right Operating Mode

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Electric curtain openers come in cord-driven or track systems. Cord-driven systems use wires and pulleys to open and close curtains. These are easiest to install but take up space since cords hang when the curtains are open. Track systems conceal all hardware and operation within a track that mounts above the window. This creates a seamless look but requires more drilling and installation. Consider your room aesthetics, window location, and skill level to choose the right mode.

Check if the Remote Control is Included

For maximum convenience, having a remote control for your electric curtain opener is essential. It allows you to operate your motorized curtains from anywhere in the room. Many electric curtain openers come with standard remote capabilities. Some high-end smart options can even connect to curtain automation systems and apps for total control.

Get the Proper Valance Compatibility

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If your existing window treatments include a valance or you want to add one later, make sure your electric curtains system allows for it. Some motorized systems won’t work with a valence while others come valence-friendly right out of the box. Checking this specification ahead of time ensures everything functions properly after installation.

Make Sure Safety Features are Included

When using electric appliances near kids, pets, or older family members, you need to take extra safety measures. When you buy an electric curtain opener, make sure it has overload safety and/or optical sensors. The curtains stop operating if objects block their path to prevent injury or damage. Anti-trap systems that reverse directions if drapes snag provide further security.

Find an Experienced Installer

find experienced installer

DIY is suitable for simpler manual curtain hardware but electric curtain openers often require professional help. The installation involves electrical work, drilling holes, programming settings, and perfect placement. Unless you feel fully confident in all required skills, hire an experienced window treatment pro for the best results.

The Importance of a Curtain Opener

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Opening and closing curtains can be a tedious chore, especially if you have tall windows or live in a multi-story home. This is where a curtain opener comes in handy. They make controlling your window treatments effortless! There are a few main reasons why installing a curtain opener is useful:


With a curtain opener, you don’t have to open and close your curtains by hand every day. You can set plans for your curtains to open and close automatically at predetermined times, like sunrise and sunset, with programmable or smart home curtain openers. This is very helpful if you have curtains over tall windows that are hard to reach.

Light Control

Curtain openers give you more control over the natural and background light in your home by controlling when your curtains open and close. With timers that are already set, you won’t forget to move the blinds or curtains in the morning or at night.

Energy Efficiency

With timed operation functionality, curtain openers can save energy. You can program them to close curtains when it’s hot outside to keep your home cooler. And when the weather is cold, curtains can open to allow warm sunlight in to naturally heat your home.

Increased Security

Another benefit of curtain automation is increased security when you’re away from home. Opening and closing curtains at different times throughout the day makes it look like someone is home. Now when it comes to the main types of curtain openers available, there are a couple of options:

  • Cord-draw curtain openers use cords and pulleys to open and close curtains via remote control. These tend to be more affordable and easier to install.
  • Electric track curtain openers mount an electric motor internally into a track that then conceals all equipment. This gives a seamless look and allows for the use of valances. The track guides the curtains, pulling them open and shut automatically.

Overall, installing a curtain opener delivers extra comfort, functionality, and security through home automation. And advancements now even allow operation via voice control when integrated with smart home systems. Simplify your life and consider motorizing your window treatments today!


Adding an electric curtain opener to any room makes it more useful and stylish. Because there are so many choices, take the time to consider 7 tips for choosing the right electric curtain opener, measure your windows, look at the decor you already have, and look up product specs before you buy. Models from companies like Fixitcurtain.com have smart features and safety measures that will make you happy for a long time.

Installing your automatic window treatments the right way will also make sure they work well for years to come. By using these tips, you can get remote controlled curtains without spending a lot of money.


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