8 Best Blackout Shades & Curtains for Baby’s Nursery in 2024

8 Best Blackout Shades & Curtains

It is very essential to create a safe and comfortable space when bringing a new baby home. Baby’s sleep is one of the toughest tasks for new parents, so creating a nursery that provides a good sleep is important. Blackout curtains block natural or artificial light in the baby’s nursery and create a cozy space for infants to rest. These blackout curtains in Dubai are designed to block out the sunlight.

8 Best Blackout Shades & Curtains for Baby’s Nursery:

We have stated 8 best blackout shades & curtains for baby’s nursery in 2024. We will also talk about their quality of the fabric, value for the money, and other special features.

Cotton White Blackout Curtains:

Cotton White Blackout Curtains

White blackout curtains seem to invite spots or stains even if you keep your house clean. But, you don’t have to worry as these cotton canvas panels are machine washable. The canvas is thick and durable, with the panel itself having 100% polyester backing. This sun blocking blackout curtain will completely block out artificial and natural light despite it being light in color. It also helps with energy efficiency and noise reduction in the nursery.

The curtain has a two-in-one hanging style offering versatility. You can either hang in a pleated style or in a ruched style using the rod pocket. 

Features Of Cotton Canvas White Blackout Curtains

  • They are machine washable.
  • These blackout curtains have dual hanging options.
  • Panels of cotton canvas curtains are sold separately.

Lined Blackout Thermal Curtains:

Lined Blackout Thermal Curtains

You can count them as the best blackout curtains in Dubai. Their fabric quality is quite impressive. These thermal-lined blackout curtains are made with cotton canvas and polyester. These curtains can be hung beautifully on a C-shaped or a standard rod.

Features Of Lined Blackout Thermal Curtains:

  • Lined blackout curtains have different sizes and colors.
  • They are available at affordable prices.
  • They have a very impressive quality of fabric.

Gray Blackout Curtains:

Gray Blackout Curtains

If you are looking for gray blackout curtains in Dubai offering a versatile and distinctive design, then these gray blackout curtains would be the best choice. You will achieve a dreamy look with the crushed sheer curtain layer this curtain offers. You can style them differently with two crushed voile tie backs or two blackout tie backs. 

The fabric of this blackout curtain is triple-woven and blocks around 85-99% of dangerous UV-rays. Depending on the hanging method, you can adjust the amount of light that will pass through it. 

Features Of Gray Blackout Curtains:

  • They are thick and durable..
  • They are sold in a pair.
  • They protect the room from sun damage.

Thermal Linen Blackout Curtains:

Thermal Linen Blackout Curtains

These affordable thermal curtains are insulated for noise reduction and more privacy. These blackout curtains for the bedroom feel like linen and are made of 100% polyester. These window curtains give out a casual yet an elegant style. They have a cordless option with eight rust-resistant grommets.

Unlike other blackout curtains in Dubai, this set has two panels which makes it a cost-friendly option for a child’s room. These sun blocking curtains block 100% of sunlight, UV-rays,  and other artificial lights. They also protect your furniture from fading and provide privacy.They are available in different colors. 

Features Of Thermal Linen Blackout Curtains:

  • They have a cordless option.
  • The grommets of these thermal curtains have anti-rust features.
  • They are sold in a pair of panels.

Classic Cordless Blackout Shades:

Classic Cordless Blackout Shades

The classic cordless room darkening shades are popular because they block light effectively and are easy to install. The shades are made of polyester which gives a noticeably attractive look. They are also better than many blackout curtains in Dubai. It has a wide selection of colors and sizes. These blackout shades block 99% of the light and reduce the noise from outside so your baby can have a better sleep.

Features of Classic Cordless Blackout Shades:

  • They are energy efficient.
  • These shades are budget friendly.
  • They are available in various colors.

White Blackout Roller Shades:

White Blackout Roller Shades

If you are someone who prefers darkness while sleeping then these white blackout shades are perfect for you. This thick shade blocks out 97%t of the light coming from the outside. These shades are made with PVC backing and also have thermal insulated backing that can insulate the bedroom from cold and heat. You can pull out the cord to adjust the height of the shade according to your choice.

Features of White Blackout Roller Shades:

  • They give a crisp and modern look.
  • They block sunlight and UV-rays.
  • They help in noise reduction.

Room Darkening Cellular Shades:

Room Darkening Cellular Shades

Finding a proper size for blackout curtains in Dubai can be a hard task, especially if you have an unusual sized window. But this room darkening cellular shades will meet your expectations as they are available in different dimensions. They are also very useful at blocking out sunlight and heat. These cellular shades are cordless, you can pull in the bottom to move them. 

Features Of Room Darkening Cellular Shades

  • They reduce the outside noise very well.
  • They reject UV-rays.
  • It is very easy to pull these shades up and down.

Lined Blackout Window Shades:

Lined Blackout Window Shades

The lined blackout window shades are one the best in Dubai when it comes to picking shades that will truly block out all the outside natural light. This shade is made of polyester which gives a soft cordless look. It adds warmth to the space with its minimal design. 

Features of Lined Blackout Window Shades:

  • They can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.
  • The cord is hidden inside the shades.
  • The honeycomb structure helps in insulation.


In this blog post, we have explored 8 best blackout shades & curtains for baby’s nursery in 2024. In addition to this, you can find guide from living room carpets Dubai. These room darkening curtains block out the sunlight, UV-rays, and other artificial light in the baby’s nursery or room giving a sense of privacy. They come in various colors and sizes. We have also looked at the benefits and cons of each blackout curtains in Dubai.


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