8 Interesting Facts About Blackout Curtains You Should Know

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Everyone wants big and airy windows for their rooms. But when it comes to sleep, everyone wants complete darkness and privacy. Sometimes, too much light doesn’t let you get a good sleep. Temperature and light are the two reasons that may affect your sleep. You can make your room darker by using blackout curtains. There are many other benefits that you can achieve from blackout curtains other than just making the room dark. We will explore 8 interesting facts about blackout curtains you should know.

8 Interesting Facts About Blackout Curtains

Best Option to Control Light

blackout curtains controll light

Blackout curtains help control the amount of light you want to enter your room. They can effectively block out the light that may come from the streetlights or the harsh glare of the sun to illuminate your room. When you are choosing your curtains you should keep the light factor in your mind, especially for bedrooms, nurseries, or home theaters.

Blackout curtains can completely block the outside light and provide a relaxing environment. They also help in creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. You can adjust these curtains to allow a specific amount of light to enter in the room. They can create an ideal balance between privacy and light.

Improves Sleep Quality and Comfort Level

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Blackout curtains can provide you with a deep sleep by blocking the environmental light pollution from entering your room. You do not have to spend much of your time tossing and turning. Your brain receives a signal that it’s time to rest when the outside light is blocked with the help of these curtains. Blackout drapes help you get a fast and peaceful sleep. These are the go-to curtains if you prefer a dark environment, have worked the night shift, or have trouble falling asleep in the daytime.

Effective for Noise Reduction

Blackout curtains can provide you with a good night’s rest so you can be active in the daytime. They block the unwanted noise from the outside. The dense fabric of these curtains not only blocks light but also absorbs sounds. These curtains can provide a better sleeping experience and give a more peaceful environment with their noise-blocking quality.

It’s More Likely To Fading

blackout curtains - Likely To Fading

Many people believe that the color of blackout curtains will fade away or they will be damaged because of the sunlight. But the blackout curtains are made of very thick fabrics and they do not damage very quickly. They can endure intense sunlight and are prone to fading. You can even choose darker colors so they do not fade. Blackout drapes are made from the highest quality fabric materials like cotton, wool, etc., that can easily deal with daily wear and tear.

Known for Providing UV Protection

If you want to maintain the look and longevity of your furniture and interiors, it is important to save them from dangerous UV rays. Blackout curtains are the best solution to keep your belongings safe from the damaging effect. These curtains block the UV rays entering the room with their thick fabric. When these curtains block the UV rays, they increase the lifetime of your furniture and other belongings. It also reduces the costly repairs and replacements. Moreover, the blockage of harmful UV rays also provides multiple health benefits and saves your skin from damage.

You Can Reduce Energy Bills With These Curtains

blackout curtains - reduce energy

The windows in a house lose 30% of heating energy. So the heating and cooling system consumes more energy to maintain a balanced temperature. Blackout curtains can act as thermal drapes and insulate the home. These drapes save your house from extreme heat and cold. During summer, these curtains can block the sunlight from entering your house and keep the interiors comfortable and cool. During winter, they can trap the heat indoors and create a warm environment. Blackout curtains can also help in reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Adds A Layer Of Privacy

Since blackout curtains are made with thick fabrics, it’s hard to see through them. No one from outside can peek inside your room. They can block the light and provide more privacy in your bedrooms or theater rooms. Blackout drapes prevent the people from seeing the inside view of the room. These drapes add a sense of privacy and security inside the room.

Reduces Glare for Better Focus

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Big windows allow the sunlight to pass through them. The sunlight produces glares that make it hard to read a book or watch television. Using blackout curtains eliminates the glare completely so you can watch the television without any disturbance. When the sunlight is blocked, it makes it easier to get things done indoors. You won’t have to strain your eyes while watching TV and reading a book.


After reading the 8 interesting facts about blackout curtains you should know, you might be much more familiar with their features. They have many functional uses. With their distinctive features, they can easily block the outside light and noise pollution. If you want to change the appearance of your home with incredible benefits, then blackout curtains are the best choice at fixitcurtain.com. They are made of thick fabric so you can have privacy in your living space.


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