How to Hang Curtains in an Apartment with Minimal Damage

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Beautiful curtains can really transform the look of your apartment rental. But as a tenant, you likely can’t drill permanent holes to mount traditional curtain rods. Thankfully, many clever and apartment-friendly curtain rods allow you to hang curtains without causing damage. With the right methods, you can decorate with lovely window dressings using renter-friendly rods and lightweight curtain panels.

Easy Steps to Hang Curtains with Minimal Damage

Assess Your Window

Windows Curtains Dubai

Before selecting curtains or curtain rods, take some time to examine your windows. Note the height, width, and depth of the windows. Also, check for any existing hardware or features, such as hooks or rods.

Measure how far you want the rod to extend beyond the window frame on each side as well. Take detailed measurements so you can purchase the proper curtain rods and curtains later on.

Choose Low-Commitment Curtain Rods

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Since permanent alterations are prohibited in rentals, opt for temporary curtain rods for apartments that don’t require drilling, nails, or screws. Great options include:

  • Tension rods – These spring-loaded rods can be adjusted to fit snugly into your window frame without any tools.
  • Curtain wire -available at any hardware store, curtain wire can be hung with thumbtacks or Command strips. String the wire across the window and attach your curtains.
  • Adhesive curtain rods – Heavy-duty glue is used to stick a rod to the wall or window frame. They can hold light curtains firmly, but be careful because taking the glue off can damage paint.
  • Table levelers or clamps – These can create brackets for resting a rod on. Clamp them to shelves or window frames. Ensure they’re large enough to support the rod and curtains.

Attach Rods Securely

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Carefully adjust the length of the tension rods to make sure they fit tightly into the walls. Make sure that both ends of the rod are held and that it can’t be moved easily. If you’re using wire, put a thumbtack or Command strip every 8 to 12 inches to give the line the most support.

Clean the windows and walls really well before putting up sticky rods in your apartment. You should also check the power of the glue to make sure it can hold the weight of the curtains. Use table levels or clamps to make sure the rods are stable when you put them on shelves or window frames. Do not just connect rods to drywall.

Make sure the temporary rods feel steady and are level before you hang the curtains on them. If you have heavier curtains, you should use stronger methods to avoid any problems.

Use Proper Curtains

Be sure to select the right curtains for a rental apartment:

Window Curtains Dubai


  • Opt for lighter curtains since heavy fabrics can cause temporary rods to sag or fall. Linen, cotton curtains, or polyester are good choices for apartment windows.
  • Hang apartment curtains several inches wider than the window to best cover the walls on either side. It hides brackets or adhesive rods.
  • For privacy, blackout curtains will darken rooms without needing to drill in curtain liners. Avoid heavier lined options.
  • Clip-on rings, grommets, or back tabs allow you to hang curtains easily on a rod without needing hardware.
  • Wash curtains before hanging so they don’t shrink. Check that they fit properly once hung.

Minimize Damage to Walls

When securing any hardware, be very careful to protect your walls from damage:

wall curtains Dubai

  • Only use thumbtacks or Command strips on very smooth surfaces. Do not poke multiple holes in the walls.
  • Check for existing paint when removing adhesive brackets to avoid chipping or pulling up paint. Gently ease the brackets off.
  • Place protective felt pads under any clamp brackets or table edge protectors before tightening them.
  • Adjust tension rods carefully to avoid scraping walls or denting drywall. Add protective covers if needed.
  • Fill any small holes and repaint walls when moving out to cover up evidence of curtains in Dubai apartment.

Alternative Curtain Options

If you are unable to hang rods securely, consider alternative curtains:

best curtains in Dubai

  • Hang a tapestry, blanket, or fabric using tacks or Command hooks over the window for an eclectic look.
  • Install a curtain track or sliding barn door hardware above the window frame if allowed. These attach without drilling.
  • Purchase stands or clips that sit on the windowsill and attach to the curtain top. Avoid models that require screws.
  • Layer two tension rods close together for extra support and hang lightweight tab-top curtains.
  • Use decorative film or tinted plastic to cover the window pane instead of traditional curtains.

Proper Removal to Avoid Damage

When it’s time to take the curtains down, follow these steps to avoid damage:

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  • Carefully detach any adhesive brackets, pulling slowly perpendicular to the wall.
  • Fill any holes from tacks or screws with spackle paste. Allow to dry fully before sanding smooth.
  • Use a hairdryer to heat adhesive rods before slowly removing them to avoid paint damage.
  • Clean any marks left behind by tension rods or clamps using a mild cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Wipe away any remaining adhesive with alcohol or another solvent recommended for that adhesive.
  • Repaint any areas needed to conceal holes or marks. A sample paint pot in the original color is useful for touch-ups.


With clever solutions, you can successfully hang curtains in your apartment without damage. Choose adjustable rods, lightweight curtains, safe attachment methods, and properly remove items when moving out. Get creative and decorate with lovely window treatments to enhance your rental space.


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