How Long and Wide Should You Hang the Curtains? | Complete Informative Guide (2024)

How Long and Wide Should You Hang the Curtains

Curtains are an essential element for providing privacy, style to our rooms and block harsh sunlight which helps you give restful sleep. They are also used for making your room’s interior look stunning by adding beauty with their incredible texture.

But some people make mistakes while hanging the curtains because they don’t know How Long and Wide Should You Hang the Curtains? that make your room look ugly. We must know a few things while hanging the curtains in our room to make the interior look great and attract and impress anyone.

Today’s article will guide you by giving tips about hanging the curtains and how to install the curtains rods, how high and wide your curtain rods should be, etc. You can change your room’s total look and style by giving your windows the best treatment. There is a saying that your room is incomplete without a window treatment as it looks ugly when you don’t hang beautiful curtains in front of your room windows.

Tips on How Long and Wide Should You Hang the Curtains?

How High and Wide Should Your Curtains Hung

We will guide you with a step-by-step procedure of How Long and Wide Should You Hang the Curtains in the right place that will help enhance the beauty of your room’s interior. Let’s look at all the steps one by one:

1. Install Curtain Rods On Perfect Place

Install Curtain Rods On Perfect Place.

Some people find difficulty in curtain rod placement at the correct location. The trickiest part would be to hang the curtains in the perfect place. Every window needs a rod based on its dimensions, and each window has unique properties like style, type, height, width, etc.

The curtains rod makes your windows look taller by installing the rod on the higher right below the ceiling. We also need to take care of the width of the rod while installing it. The width of the rod should be wider than the window frame for covering the whole window easily.

Measure the height and width of your window by using a measuring tape, then get the perfect rod size for your window’s curtains. Your made-to-measure curtains rod shouldn’t be narrow, which can kill the purpose of covering the windows perfectly.

2. Measure the height For hanging Your Curtains

Measure the height For hanging Your Curtains

Measure by using a measuring tape to know how high your curtains hang. It would be best if you took the curtains higher than the window’s frame and half-inch above from the bottom so that they can’t touch the floor all the time. The height of curtains can be measured by following these steps:

1. The Slight Float

It means hanging your curtains a half-inch above the floor to make sure your velvet curtains wouldn’t touch the floor. It will help your curtains not become dirty and ugly for a long time.

2. Hang Curtains From the Ceiling

Hang Curtains From the Ceiling

For your query How Long and Wide Should You Hang the Curtains? You can hang the curtains from your room’s ceiling that add more beauty to the room as it makes your windows look more prominent in size.

For this purpose, you need to get the extra long curtains that could be hung properly. Hanging curtains higher than windows gives a taller and brighter look to your windows.

3. Get Fabric of proper size

After measuring the dimensions from all the perspectives now, get enough fabric to meet your requirements. You can also stitch the curtains according to your need and purchase the sheer curtains from the market by telling how wide and long curtains you require for your windows.

3. Measure the Width to Hang Your Curtains

Measure the Width to Hang Your Curtains

The primary purpose of covering windows is to give you privacy and block light coming from outside. For that purpose, your blackout curtains should be wider, and they can cover the windows completely. For letting you know how wider your curtains should be hung, follow these steps:

1. Measure the width of your window frame

Take a measuring tape and measure the width of your window, then add 14 inches to this measurement. This process helps you make terrific pleats while hanging your curtains that enhance the room’s beauty.

2. Get curtains that match with your Taken measurement.

Purchase the curtains from the market by telling your exact window dimensions, or you can get the Fabric and stitch it according to your requirements.

4. Drapes Size

Drapes Size

Get high and wide curtains from Fixit Curtain that meet your requirements. Many stores provide the facility of building custom-made drapes according to the measurements given by the customers. The ideal length of the drapes is considered as they kiss the floor while hanging.

If you purchase ready-made drapes without taking measurements, it would be tricky for you to hang them in front of your room’s windows. As curtains come in different varieties of fabric so, keep in mind. The light fabric may require more height and width for hanging, while the heavy material may require less fabric to purchase.


This is all about How Long and Wide Should You Hang the Curtains? I hope it will help you in hanging the curtains in your rooms. Keep all these things in mind before you hang curtains in your room and want to enhance the beauty of your home’s interior.


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