How to Choose Curtains for Small Windows? | Useful Tips To Choose Curtains

How to Choose Curtains for Small Windows
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Curtains are essential for meeting privacy concerns and for insulating homes, so you have to get the perfect curtains that can fulfill these desires. Choosing suitable curtains for your room sometimes must be difficult for you.

Take care of many things while choosing the curtains for Small windows in your home. Selecting the curtain’s color, fabric, length, width, and lining may be tricky for you. Try to give your home’s interior a unique and stunning touch while installing curtains into your room.

The windows of every home have different sizes and styles; Hang the curtains that completely cover the windows. Finding drapes for small windows may be difficult. It takes a lot of time to search and get the perfect size curtains for your small windows.

You can use long and heavy curtains to make your windows more beautiful and long. There are a lot of small window curtains treatments available that can help you but sometimes it makes your windows look more ugly if you cannot select the size of the perfect drapes. Sometimes it will make the window disappear into the wall by making a slight mistake.

Tips For Choosing Curtains For Small Windows

Choosing Curtains For Small Windows

Remember that what you choose for the window treatment will also have a significant impact on the room’s overall interior. So, take your time and search for the best silk curtains for your small windows. Keep even the tiny details in your mind necessary for selecting the perfect curtains for your small windows.

We will guide you to keep the following things in mind while choosing the curtains for small windows. Let’s look at these points:

1. Meeting Your Privacy

Meeting Your Privacy

The primary purpose of hanging the curtains in your rooms is to meet your privacy needs. So, whenever you choose the best curtains for small windows in the bedroom, ensure that it must help you meet your privacy needs. Apart from this, they can also help you allow or block the light coming from outside.

Look at your windows; if their view is private enough that it isn’t affected by using any curtains material, then focus on the style of the linen curtain instead of getting heavier curtains that are perfect for privacy concerns.

But if you need privacy, choose the small window curtains for the bedroom that can maintain your privacy and block the light coming into your room.

2. Choose Unique Curtain Styles

Choose Unique Curtain Styles

The style of the curtains leaves a massive impact on your room’s interior. Beautiful curtain styles work as decorating objects and enhance the stunning look of your rooms. Hang panels on the sides of windows; these can be effective in giving style to the larger or standard-sized windows.

But this window treatment is not helpful for small-sized windows. Try to choose curtains on small windows that have amazing and unique styles and be able to attract anyone who sees it. Small windows can look more beautiful by installing roll-up curtains that work like somfy curtains.

3. Mark your Window Look Larger

Mark your Window Look Larger

Few tricks can make a small window look taller and more beautiful, giving a stunning look to your home’s interior. You can hang panels on either side of the window to cover the wall.

As the edge of each panel comes to the edge of the glass of the windows on either side, it looks like the window glass extends behind the panel and gives your window a taller shape.

Many tricks can make your narrow and shorter window look better and taller. Hang the curtain rod high and then install the curtains on it. This will also enhance the look of your window, becoming larger.

Get the measurement of your windows by using the measuring tape. Use this measurement to get the perfect size of curtains for your windows.

4. Get and Hang the Curtains

Get and Hang the Curtains

After getting all measurements, now get the sheer curtains and other curtains that can match your home’s interior. Get the larger curtains for narrow windows with the best fabric quality. Then fix the rod as high as possible above the window frame.

Try to hang the curtains below your room’s ceilings to make the tiny windows look more extensive. Hang the curtains after fixing the rod, and you will see the difference before and after.

You will see that the window gives a more prominent and taller look than the previous one. Try to get the drapes for small windows that exactly meet your desired requirements of tackling light and privacy issues and help insulate your home.


I hope this article helps you tackle the problem of choosing curtains for smaller or narrow windows. We have discussed everything required to select perfect curtains for small windows. If you got nothing or have any queries, you could tell us by posting a comment.


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