How to Choose the Best Window Curtains?

Best window curtains

Curtains are an essential decor element that can enhance or ruin the look of a room. Choosing suitable curtains that complement your interior design style and colors can take time and effort. The fabric, color, pattern, and length must be carefully considered to create a cohesive aesthetic. We will guide you through the key factors to consider when selecting window curtains in Dubai that perfectly match your home.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Window Curtains

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1. Consider the Style of Your Room

The first step is to look at your room’s style. Is it modern, traditional, coastal, or farmhouse? The curtains should align with the overall design scheme. For example, elegant drapes suit a formal living room, while linen or cotton curtains pair well with a beachy aesthetic. Use streamlined curtains in solid neutrals or bold colors if your home features contemporary furniture. The curtains should enhance, not fight against, the existing decor.

2. Select the Right Fabrics

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Fabric choice is critical for both appearance and function. Lightweight fabrics like voile, muslin, and linen are ideal for romantic curtains, letting sunlight filter into the room. The suitable fabric also depends on the room’s purpose.

Choose thicker fabrics like brocade, silk, suede, or blackout curtains for total light blocking. Luxurious silk curtains gracefully frame the window and filter in natural light. Living rooms and bedrooms need light and airflow, while home theaters and nurseries require darker, insulating materials.

3. Consider Length and Volume

The length and fullness of the window curtains also impact their look and utility. Floor-length curtains add drama and height to a room. Puddling curtains that stack on the floor create a soft, elegant look. For smaller spaces, sill or apron-length curtains ending right above the window frame keep the room feeling open.

The fullness, measured in width versus window size, ranges from sheer curtains to oversized. Sheer flat panels work for unobstructed views and smaller windows. Big full window curtains frame large windows in formal spaces. You can go mid-range for most rooms.

4. Match Color Schemes

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Color is critical for tying curtains into your interior design. Go bold with saturated solids or patterns to make the windows a focal point, like emerald green or soggy yellow. Neutral earth tones, grays, and whites blend in for a subtle effect. Select classic colors like navy blue, olive, and espresso for traditional rooms.

Carpet and furniture colors should complement the curtains rather than clashing. Darker colors suit bright rooms, while lighter shades help dim rooms feel brighter.

5. Select a Suitable Pattern

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From florals to geometrics, patterned curtains add visual interest to a room. Your chosen pattern depends on personal taste and the room’s existing motifs. Bold contemporary spaces can handle high-contrast graphic prints.

Light patterns like subtle stripes work well in casual rooms. Large rooms can handle large-scale prints. Opt for smaller designs in compact spaces. Also, consider lining patterned window curtains to mute busy designs.

6. Final Touches

Choose curtain rods extending 3 inches past the window frame on each side to maximize the window and allow curtains to draw fully open and closed. Select suitable finials, rings, and holdbacks to coordinate with the room’s overall style.

Consider adjustable rods for flexibility. Double rods allow you to layer curtains. Traverse rods open and close with a cord and tracks easily glide heavy velvet curtains. Proper hardware allows curtains to operate smoothly, maintain a beautiful drape, and coordinate seamlessly with your interior design vision.


Choosing the perfect curtains requires assessing your room’s design aesthetic, window sizes, lighting, and functional needs. Consider the style, fabric, length, fullness, color, patterns, and hardware to create a cohesive look. With some thoughtful planning and considering these points, you can select window curtains in Dubai that pair beautifully with your interior design vision. At Fixit Curtain, we offer a wide range of curtain options to suit every style and preference.


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