How To Hang a Curtain Without a Rod? | Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

How To Hang a Curtain Without a Rod
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Fixing and drilling a curtain rod can damage the walls of your home, and some of us don’t want to do that. There are other reasons for not using rods for hanging the curtains. Like you want to try an alternative method instead of using rods.

Some people also want to give a modern look to the home interior and avoid using the traditional way of hanging curtains by using rods. As technology improves day by day, many other technical methods are introduced for hanging curtains.

For your query, How to hang a curtain without a rod? Today we will discuss the creative ways to hang curtains without using a rod. They will maintain privacy, insulation, blackout coming light easily as they work with the traditional rods. By using these methods, you will not compromise the primary functioning of the curtains.

Unique & Creative Ways To Hang A Curtain Without a Rod

Hang Curtains Without Using a Rod

Hanging curtains using a rod makes it permanent and not beneficial for people who like to change the interior regularly. That’s why we brought an article that will help you handle this type of situation.

We will give you 7 extraordinary ways to hang a curtain without a rod. Let’s look at all the 7 alternative methods one by one:

1. Use Upholstery Tacks

Use Upholstery Tacks to hang a curtain without a rod

Sometimes, people don’t want the curtains to be functional, and they don’t even need to open and close them. This method is used for hanging stylish velvet curtains to add beauty to the room’s interior. This solution is cheap and easy to use. Follow these instructions for hanging curtain by using upholstery tacks:

  1. Purchase the pack of upholstery tacks.
  2. Attach the tacks to the wall on the desired distance one by one as per your need.
  3. Start hanging the curtain by pushing the first tack into the corner of your curtains.
  4. Hang the curtain by making as many pleats as you want to give a beautiful look. Position the panel of curtains properly as they can cover the window completely.
  5. Repeat this action for hanging curtains by using upholstery in front of other windows too.

2. Use a tension Cable

Use a tension Cable to hang a curtain

A tension cable can be used for many curtains like grommeted, ring clipped, rod pocket, tab top, etc. it is proved to be the perfect solution for hanging lightweight curtains for your windows.

You can easily purchase the material used for hanging the eyelet curtains with the help of a tension cable. All you need is to get 2 turnbuckles, 2 wall hooks, 2 wire clamps, plastic coated wire cable, screw, and anchors to attach the hooks to the wall.

Follow the steps to hang curtains using a tension cable:

  1. Screw the hooks into the wall on the window opening side.
  2. Create 5 to 7-inch loops at the ends of the cable and fasten them with wire clamps.
  3. Now thread the wire to the curtains’ tabs, rod pockets, or grommets.
  4. Now secure each end of the turnbuckles with the tension cable and hooks.
  5. Trim the additional wire and tight the turnbuckles to create a proper tension of hanging the curtains.

3. Use Staples and Furring Strips

Use Staples and Furring Strips to hang a curtain

Using furring strips and staples is another unique way to hang a curtain without a rod in front of your room windows. This method is used to hang non-functional curtains like motorized curtains that you don’t need to open or close. Use the wooden furring strips and staples to hang decorative and stylish curtains.

Follow these instructions to hang the curtains using staples and furring strips.

  1. Purchase the furring according to your desired length
  2. Paint it with a color that matches your walls.
  3. Screw the strips into wall studs to make a secure installation.
  4. Now staple your curtain panels to the furring strip. Also, make pleats while ding staple.

4. Use Cabinet Knobs

Use Cabinet Knobs to hang curtains

You can use cabinet knobs for hanging curtains in front of your windows. This method is perfect for hanging tie-top or tab-top curtains. It will give a casual alternative to the formal rods.

  1. Purchase the cabinet curtain knobs for hanging curtains from the market.
  2. Select the level at which you want to hang the curtains by marking on the wall where you want to install the nobs one by one.
  3. Then drill into the wall for inserting wall anchors if there are no studs available.
  4. Now screw the knobs into the anchors and tie the curtains onto the cabinet knobs.

In this way, you can easily use the method of hanging curtains with knobs.

5. Use Hooks and Drapery Pins

Use Hooks and Drapery Pins

Use hooks and drapery knobs or pins to maintain the formal look of the pleated curtains hung on knobs. Follow these steps for installing curtains by using this method:

  1. Get the drapery pins and hooks from the market.
  2. Insert these drapery pins around the top of your curtain panel.
  3. Apply the pins on the equal distance between them
  4. Now screw the pins by using eye hooks.
  5. At last, install all the eye screws into the wall one by one at a distance of several inches.

6. Use Drawer Pulls

Use Drawer Pulls

You can use the antique drawer pulls to hang a curtain without a rod in front of your windows instead of using the traditional rod. The drawer pulls will be easily available in the market, and you will get them at a cheap price from the hardware stores.

You need the material that involves 2 screw-in drawer pulls, a saw, and a drill. Follow these instructions for installing the somfy curtains using the drawer pulls:

  1. Get the drawer pulled.
  2. Drill a hole in the center of the wooden rod.
  3. Pull the curtains into the rod and hang them in the proper way by making their pleats.
  4. Screw the drawer on both ends of the rod.
  5. Now fix the drawer pull above your windowsill, and cover the windows.

7. Use Curtain Wire

Use Curtain Wire

Curtain wire is a traditional way of hanging the curtains instead of using rods. It performs the same functionality as the curtain rod does. You can install curtains by following these instructions:

  1. Get the wire and pull it inside the curtains.
  2. Now use the drill to make a hole into the wall. Then pierce the nails on both sides of the window.
  3. Now knop the rope on the nails with inserted curtains.
  4. Tight the rope to the nails to secure the curtains from falling.


Here at, we present the fantastic methods to hang a curtain without a rod that you can easily use if you don’t want to use the traditional rod for installing the curtains for your windows. I hope this article will be helpful for you to tackle such situations. If you find any difficulty in doing so, you can ask us by posting a comment.


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