How To Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer? | Professional Tips (2024)

How To Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer
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Curtains can polish the interior of your rooms and can make your room look modern if you perfectly hang them. The curtains can change the entire look of any room whether you choose a neutral, printed, striped fabric.

If you can’t Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer, they will make your interior ugly instead of giving it a modern/stylish touch. There is no rocket science behind hanging the curtains perfectly; you can easily do this by following some easy steps. Hanging curtains to give your room’s interior a designer look, you must know about a few essential things.

Steps to Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer

Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer

In this article, you will learn how to put up curtains by yourself like an interior designer. These easy steps will also help prevent you from making mistakes that will prove costly for you.

You can Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer to enhance the beauty of your home’s interior by following these crucial steps on the proper way to hang curtains:

1. Get the Required Tools And Material

Required Tools And Material 

The first step is to get the required tools and material for the curtain hanging. There is a list of some tools and materials that you will have to use during this procedure:

  • Curtains
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill Machine
  • Curtains Rod
  • Wall
  • Pencil
  • Ladder

2 Takes the Measurements

Takes the Measurements to Hang Curtains

Measurement is everything in properly made-to-measure curtain hanging, which helps you enhance the beauty of your home’s interior. Before buying the new curtains, you must know the following measurement:

1. Measure The Length of Curtain Rod

To measure the width of your curtain rod, you have to:

  1. Measure the width of your window frame.
  2. Now add an extra 4 to 6-inches on each side to determine the rod’s actual length.
  3. Now use this measurement as the total length of your curtain rod.

2. Measure The Height of Rod

This step helps you decide how high you should hang the curtain rod in a perfect place. The ideal height of mounting the rod is to fix it between halfway or two-thirds from the top of the window frame and the ceiling.

You can make your windows look taller by hanging the rod on maximum length if you have a lot of space between the ceiling and top of your window frame.

Measure The Length of Your Curtains

3. Measure The Length of Your Curtains

The curtains height is based on how high your silk curtain rod is fixed, and measure each panel’s length. The length of curtains should be based on the distance between the rod and floor. Also, add some extra inches to the measured height to hem the curtains and make the header.

4. Measure The Width of Your Curtains

The curtain’s width can be determined by measuring the width of your window frame. After getting the width of your window, double it for making curtain panels. It will help you make more pleats that give a luxurious look to your room’s interior.

3. Different Ways of Hanging Curtains

Different Ways of Hanging Curtains

There are many ways to tell you “How To Properly Hang Curtains Like an Interior Designer?”. Let’s go through all the ways one by one for making our home’s interior look perfect:

1. Puddle

Puddles are the best way to hang curtains in drawing rooms. It is one of the best and most famous ways of hanging the curtains and keeping them clean. For achieving the puddling effect, add 2 to 4-inches to your panels from the floor.

2. Break Puddle

Add an extra half or 1-inch to your curtain’s length for applying this method. This will make the panel break when it touches the floor. By doing this, the panels didn’t hang straight, giving a more exciting look.

Kissing the Floor of Hanging Curtains

3. Kissing the Floor

This method of hanging curtains is hard to apply but also looks decent and beautiful while hanging the motorized curtains.

Take the exact measurements to fulfill the requirements of this method. When the curtains kiss the floor, they give the effect of hovering beautifully on the floor’s surface. For making your living room’s interior look perfect, use the kissing the floor method. It will work great with living rooms.

4. Floating Method

If you don’t want your curtains to touch the floor all the time, this method will be the best choice for you. Hang the curtains half an inch above the floor. The office curtains will hang perfectly straight and look amazing with this method.

4. Get the Outstanding Curtains

Get the Outstanding Curtains

Your room’s beauty depends on the type of curtains and the color matching your room’s interior. The color of curtains plays a vital role in making your home’s interior look stunning and perfect.

Try to purchase the curtains made up of fantastic material and the color that enhances the beauty of your room.

5. Fix Brackets

Fix Brackets

Get a pencil and mark on the wall for drilling the holes for installing brackets. Every bracket should be placed at the same height, near about 4 to 6-inches from the side of the window frame. By doing this, you can easily open the curtains. Drill the holes and screw the brackets to the wall.

6. Install Rod and Hang Curtains

Install Rod and Hang Curtains

Now you have to fix the curtain rod in the wall on the desired and measured height. Before fixing the rod, push the curtains into the rod from the top. Now set the rod into the brackets for installing the curtains on the wall. After hanging the curtains, make fabulous pleats to give your room a luxurious look.


This is all about the professional way of Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer into your room that enhances your room’s interior. Try these methods for making your home give a stunning and perfect look that can attract anyone. I hope all the tips and tickets will be easily understandable to apply in your home’s environment. If you didn’t understand something, you could ask us by posting a comment.


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