6 Best Tips to Pair Plantation Shutters With Blackout Curtains

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Plantation shutters and blackout curtains may block light and provide solitude in your house in style. How do you choose plantation shutters and blackout window curtains that match? Experts from fixitcurtain.com have listed the six tips for pairing blackout window drapes and plantation shutters.

Top 6 Tips for Pairing Plantation Shutters and Blackout Curtains

1. Pair Colors and Patterns

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Choose complementing colors and patterns for plantation shutters and blackout curtains. Consider pairing white plantation shutters with vivid geometric blackout window curtains. Gray plantation shutters with blackout curtains are another option.

Matching plantation shutters and blackout window curtains offer a coherent design. Colors and patterns that clash can also look good. Choose a color scheme and pattern that matches your style.

2. Mind the Texture

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Check the texture of your plantation shutters and blackout window curtains. Plantation shutters are sleek and silky. To match this texture, choose velvet or linen window curtains. Plantation shutters should not be used with coarse blackout curtains.

Coordinating textures produces harmony. Airy linen plantation shutters and blackout curtain offer a casual atmosphere. Plush velvet curtains and shutters seem luxurious.

3. Factor in Room Size

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When choosing plantation shutters and blackout curtains, room size matters. Narrow plantation shutters and sheer blackout drapes keep small rooms light and airy. A small space can feel contained with wide plantation shutters and heavy blackout drapes.

Wider plantation shutters and blackout curtain work well for larger windows and rooms. It fits windows properly and keeps the room dark. The space is spacious enough not to feel crowded.

4. Consider Height

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Consider window treatment height when matching plantation shutters and blackout curtains. The blackout curtain should match or exceed the plantation shutters in height. When curtains are closed, they cover completely.

Blackout curtains shorter than shutters let light through at the top and bottom. It negates the seclusion and light-blocking benefits of shutters and window curtains.

5. Layer for Insulation

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Pairing plantation shutters with blackout curtains creates an insulating layer that helps keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The air gap between the shutters and curtains acts as insulation.

For maximum energy efficiency, ensure your blackout window drapes fully overlap the window opening when closed. Avoid any gaps between the curtains and window trim. You can also opt for blackout curtains with a thermal lining for additional insulation.

6. Consider Combined Operation

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Most plantation shutters and blackout curtains work separately. Or you can put them on the same track or rod to combine their action. The curtains move with the plantation shutters.

Combining their operation saves room for narrow windows. And it closes the curtains completely when the shutters are closed for privacy or at night. Consider that combined operation makes opening and closing harder.

Some Additional Tips to Achieve the Layered Look

Layering plantation shutters and blackout curtains is tricky. Steps to achieve the layered window treatment look:

  • Install plantation shutters on the window trim or inside the opening. Install the curtain rod or track above the window trim to install blackout curtains.
  • Full coverage requires high and wide blackout window curtains that overlay plantation shutters.
  • Install the curtain rod or track 2-3 inches above the window trim for a neat finish. It separates shutters and curtains nicely.
  • Curtain rods should reach at least 4-6 inches beyond the window opening on each side. The large overlap avoids edge light leakage.
  • Blackout drapes that puddle on the floor are sumptuous and block the most light. If desired, trim the curtains to graze the floor.
  • Make sure the blackout curtains can be drawn completely with middle overlaps. Pinch pleat or grommet curtains appear clean and collected when closed.

Final Thoughts

Plantation shutters and blackout curtains help control light and privacy in your house. Color pairing, texture combination, and coordinated operation can create a window treatment that looks united and works well. Use these tips to choose plantation shutters and blackout window curtains that match stunningly.


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