How To Style Velvet Curtains To Create A Classic & Timeless Look?

mix & match velvet curtains

Velvet window curtains have been around for centuries and remain to be a classic and timeless home addition. Depending on the home design and respective curtain choices, you can easily create a cohesive and appealing space adding much to the interior delight.

Thanks to modern-day technology and advancement, there are now hundreds and hundreds of options available for velvet curtains. It’s good news for design enthusiasts, however, makes the ideal selection equally challenging as well.

In this post by Curtains Dubai, we’re going to explain velvet curtain choices to help you create classic and timeless window appearances.

Create A Luxe Look With Velvet Curtains: Expert Styling Tips

velvet window curtains

Velvet window curtains not only enhance interior aesthetics but also serve various practical benefits like interior insulation, blocking out sunlight, etc. When it comes to styling these curtains, one needs to carefully consider the color, texture, and pattern of the curtains.

1. The Right Color Choices Are A Must

right curtains for bedroom

For velvet curtains or any type of window treatment, color is the most crucial and first-looked element. And that’s what highlights the pattern, style, hardware, and other window covering elements.

The curtain color you choose can either make or break your room’s overall aesthetic. If you want a classic and timeless look, It’s better to go with neutral hues like ivory, beige, or gray. These hues are adaptable and go with any type of decoration.

They can easily create harmony among dark interior themes as well as enlighten soft design textures. For a more dramatic look, you can opt for deeper colors such as navy blue, forest green, or burgundy. Darker hues will give your room a hint of class and elegance.

In this context, you can’t overlook the interior decor and existing color theme. It’s recommended that you create an appealing clash between the window treatment and interior design in terms of appearance.

However, you can still choose to go with a deviating shade of your existing home decor for effects of design continuity and interior harmony. The ultimate advice is to put aside your favorite colors by listing options that match your home decor and select from one of the choices.

2. Don’t Forget The Curtain Texture

best velvet curtains texture

The look and feel of your home velvet curtains should attract visitors and impart a soothing effect on their nerves through sheer luxury and appeal. What not, if texture to be avoided during the selection parameters for creating classic and timeless home windows?

Velvet is a luxurious and plush fabric that adds dimensional weight and texture to the interior. For harmonious interiors, you have to balance the velvet’s texture with other elements in your room. For instance, if you have a velvet sofa, it’s best to place it on the opposite end of the window for balancing the velvet texture equally.

This will help create contrast and prevent your room from looking too clumped or saturated. In contrast, if you have a neutral room design, consider velvet patterned curtains to add texture and depth. The choice of patterned or solid-colored curtains is your personal preference.

3. Mix & Match Patterns For Velvet Curtains

Mix & Match Patterns For Velvet Curtains

You can combine different designs to create an eclectic and one-of-a-kind look for a strong presence. However, this requires a bit of finesse/flair and a keen eye for design. To pull off this look, you have to choose one pattern as your focal point and pair it with a solid color velvet curtain.

This choice, if considered, will anchor your room and prevent it from looking too busy. As an example, if you have a floral-patterned sofa, you can pair it with a solid color velvet curtain in a complementary color such as pale pink or light blue.

4. Always Choose The Right Length Curtain

best bedroom curtains choice

The length of your window silk curtains is another essential factor to consider for a classic and timeless look. The ideal length is floor-length curtains. Because it creates a sense of drama and elegance in your room.

For rooms with low ceilings, it’s best to choose curtains that end just above the floor to avoid overwhelming your space.

5. Curtain Hardware Is The Key

custom velvet window curtains

Hardware is the finishing touch that can instantly transform the look and feel of your window curtains. For velvet window curtains, you should avoid ornate or overly decorative curtain rods, as they can distract from the velvet’s beauty.

The best is to choose a sleek and modern curtain rod in a metallic finish such as chrome or brushed nickel to create a cohesive look and complement your curtains.

End Note

Styling velvet window curtains to create a classic and timeless look requires careful consideration of color, texture, pattern, length, and hardware. By following the tips explained in this post, you can add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your room while enjoying the practical benefits of velvet curtains.


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