7 Important Things You Should Know About Blackout Curtains

blackout curtains

The rising demand for enhanced sleep has led to the popularity of blackout curtains. These window treatments not only elevate sleep quality but also provide complete darkness. If you’re considering incorporating them into your bedroom, experts from Fixitcurtain.com have listed 7 crucial points to remember about blackout window curtains.

Seven Important Things About Blackout Curtains

luxury blackout curtains

1. They Block Out Almost All Light

The main purpose of blackout curtains is to block light, and they do this very effectively. Blackout fabric is tightly woven and coated on the back to prevent light from passing through. When hung properly, blackout window curtains can block out up to 99% of outside light. It creates an extremely dark environment ideal for sleeping during the daytime or in rooms with many windows.

2. Improved Sleep Cycles

By blocking out light, blackout curtains help regulate your circadian rhythm, which is your body’s internal clock. Light suppresses the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Using blackout window curtains to create darkness, your brain ramps melatonin production and helps you fall asleep faster. It is especially useful if you work night shifts and must sleep during the day.

3. Noise Reduction

In addition to blocking light, the dense weave and layered fabric of blackout curtains provide sound dampening. It helps muffle sounds from outside, like traffic, birds, or noisy neighbors. The noise reduction can help light sleepers get better rest.

4. Room Temperature Insulation

Blackout curtains help trap air between windows and curtains. It adds insulation, keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It keeps sleeping temps comfortable without running the heat or AC as much.

5. Different Thickness Levels

From partially transparent to 100% light filtering, blackout curtains are available. If you want a delicate glow in your bedroom during the day, use a lighter opacity. Try heavier opacity drapes for ultimate darkness. Customize to your requirements and preferences with this freedom.

6. Versatile Usage

Blackout curtains aren’t only for bedrooms—they can darken any room. Daytime home theaters, nurseries, and living rooms benefit from light blocking. Use blackout curtains to block light and create a cozy atmosphere.

7. They Require Proper Measuring and Installation

Blackout curtains must be measured and placed appropriately to prevent light. When measuring blackout window curtains, add 2-3 inches on each side for optimal coverage. Wide curtains should cover the window frame when closed.

For full coverage, let the curtains puddle at the bottom. Install curtains as near to the window as possible on curtain rods that extend 2-3 inches past the window frame. Follow manufacturer instructions for optimal installation.

Choosing the Right Blackout Curtains for Your Room

Right Blackout curtains

To choose the perfect blackout curtains, consider a few factors. Consider your desired light filtering first. Room-darkening to 100% light-blocking blackout window curtains are available. Check your window size and add 2-3 inches to the width and length for effective light blocking.

Compare curtain materials; thicker, denser weaves block light best. You should also match your window curtains to your room decor. Look for colors, patterns, and styles that match your design. Blackout curtains come in colorful designs, relaxing solids, and traditional shapes.

Tips for Choosing Blackout Curtains

  • Look at the label to see the opacity level – some say “blackout,” while others say “room darkening”. Blackout fabrics block all light.
  • Feel the material – thicker and tightly woven fabrics block more light.
  • Get curtains wide and long enough – measure carefully and add extra inches to each side.
  • Install curtain rods wide and high to fit curtains and provide full coverage.
  • Close curtains fully and overlap in the middle for no light gaps.

Proper Installation of Blackout Window Curtains

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Proper installation is key to getting the most out of your blackout curtains. You’ll want curtain rods wider than your window frame so the curtains can fully cover the window when closed. Mount the rods as close to the window frame as possible, and hang your curtains high so they reach the floor for complete light blocking. Close the curtains completely in the daytime with the two panels overlapping slightly in the middle of the window for the best seal against the light.

Avoid hanging the rods too high above the window, as it allows light to filter in from above. Follow the specific mounting instructions with your blackout window curtains and use any provided tools or hardware. With the right installation, your blackout  curtains will transform your room into a relaxing, darkened sanctuary.


Blackout curtains are an excellent addition to any bedroom to create an ideal sleep environment. They block outside light, improve sleep quality, provide insulation, and come in many styles to suit your decor. When shopping for blackout curtains, consider the material, opacity level, and proper installation for the best light-blocking and sleep benefits. Transform your bedroom into a haven with energy-saving curtains guaranteeing a restful night’s sleep.


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