How to Make Blackout Curtains – DIY Step By Step Tutorial

How to Make Blackout Curtains
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Sewing curtains is not a laborious task; you need to stitch them from four sides. But if you knew nothing about sewing, it would be difficult to sew the curtains the first time. To overcome the problem of our users, we have mentioned the step-by-step tutorial for how to make blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains patterns are available in the market that comes in different varieties and will be costly for you to purchase then. They could be expensive if you didn’t have enough money to buy them. You can make these curtains and save money.

Once you learn how to sew the curtains, it would be like a piece of cake for you. Homemade Blackout curtains are helpful for various situations like they keep your home cool during warm weather, can block the light coming to your room, allow you to take better sleep, help when you need privacy, etc.

4 Major Steps Of How to Make Blackout Curtains

You can sew unique and stylish blackout curtains that help to decorate your home’s interior. In today’s DIY Blackout Curtains, you will learn How to Make Blackout Curtains step by step. Let’s look at 4 significant steps on how to make a room’s darkening curtains:

1. Measuring and Cutting The Fabric

Measuring and Cutting The Fabric

The first step is to measure the fabric, then cut it according to the required dimensions. This process requires a few things to be done that are given below:

I. Choose The Fabric

The first thing you have to do is to get the best blackout material for curtains. You need a heavy and tightly woven fabric like velvet making blackout curtains so that the curtains should be able to block the maximum light coming from outside.

Choose The Fabric

 II. Measure The Curtain Rod

For your query how to make blackout curtains? The blackout curtains should be long enough that they can completely cover the windows and ensure that no light gets into your room from outside. Use a measuring tape to measure the width of your window frame and curtain rods and add 8-inch inches to it. This will be the perfect length for your curtain rod.

Measure The Curtain Rod

III. Measure the Width Of Window Frame

To make sure that the curtains cover your windows entirely, measure your windows using curtain tapes from all sides.

IV. Cut the Fabric According to the dimensions of Window

Your curtains should be doubled in length measured of the windows as they can form stunning pleats whenever you open and close the curtains. Cut the fabric according to the Window’s dimensions but doubled in length.

V. Cut down the fabric from the Center for making two panel

Now cut down the fabric from the middle into two pieces to create two individual panels. For this purpose, get chalk and draw a line in the center of the fabric to cut the fabric perfectly in two equal parts.

2. Fold and Pin The Fabric

Fold and Pin The Fabric

Fold the curtain edges because the raw edges give an ugly look to the curtains. Fold the edges and iron them so that the fabric doesn’t unfold quickly. After this, insert the common pins in the folded area every 3 inches on all the sides of the fabric. This will secure the folding edges, and they can’t unfold.

3. Hemming the Curtains

Hemming the Curtains

For your query how to make blackout curtains? you need to take the fabric straight on your sewing machine and start sewing 1.3 cm from the side of the raw edges of the fabric. After this, stitch the folded edges of the fabric from all sides. You should backstitch 2 inches when you reach the end to secure the stitching.

4. Make the Curtain Rod Loop

Follow the steps given below for stitching the curtain rod loop:

Make the Curtain Rod Loop

I. Fold The Top Edge of Curtain Fabric

Fold the curtain fabric from the top edge according to the diameter of the curtain rod. This will create a space that helps install the eyelet curtains on the rod easily.

II. Press the Folded Edge

It would be best to press the folded edges by ironing the fabric, as it will give the neat folding edges and help you swing the fabric easily.

III. Insert Pins to Hold the Folded Edge in Place

Place a pin every 3 inches to hold the folded fabric in place. This process will secure the folding edge, and they can’t unfold.

Fold The Top Edge of Curtain Fabric

IV. Sew 0.5 inches from the hemmed edge

Place the folded side of the fabric straight on the sewing machine and start stitching about 0.5 inches away from the hemmed edge. This process will help you insert the curtain rods through the folding side.

V. Back Stitch to Secure the Last Stitch

Do a backstitch of about 2 inches for securing the last stitch. For that purpose, press and hold the lever of your sewing machine when you reach the end of the fabric. Reverse the direction of the machine while holding the pedal, then release the lever and sew forward to the end again.


This is all about how to make blackout curtains yourself at home. I hope this article will help you even with the tiny problem you face while sewing the curtains. If you don’t understand something, you can ask by posting a comment. Apart from this, you can also get information about how to long and wide should you hang the curtains.


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