Buy Luxury Blackout Curtains in Dubai For Ultimate Privacy

Do you want privacy at your place by blocking outside light? Our blackout curtains in Dubai can be fully customized to fit your windows perfectly for 100% privacy. They have a thick, lined fabric (0.2 to 0.4 inches) that effectively blocks the entire view from the outside.

5 Key Features of Our Blackout Curtains

Thermal Insulation

Noise reduction blackout curtains

Noise Reduction

energy efficiency blackout curtains

Energy Efficiency

uv-protection blackout curtains dubai

UV Protection

Privacy Enhancement Blackout curtains dubai

Privacy Enhancement

Add Privacy to Your Home With Our Blackout Curtains Dubai

Our room-darkening curtains in Dubai add luxury and functionality to any interior. They are available in various rich fabrics, such as velvet curtains, canvas, faux silk, polyester, etc. Our blackout curtains in dubai curtains add complete darkness to your room to give it a luxurious feel. The fine-quality blackout fabrics and elegant tailoring enhance the decor while blocking outside light for restful sleep.

With custom sizing and various hanging options, our blackout window curtains in Dubai introduce high-end sophistication to bedrooms, home theaters, or nurseries.

A-Grade Fabric For Our Blackout Curtains in Dubai

Choose the Right Color Variant for Blackout Curtains Dubai

Luxury Blackout Curtains Dubai

We are Top Rated Supplier of Blackout Curtains Dubai

We are the top-rated and most reliable supplier of blackout curtains in Dubai. Top-notch quality is maintained through 15 years of 100% customer satisfaction. We have earned this milestone by manufacturing blackout drapes for years without compromising their quality. Besides all that, we have over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and customizing these light-blocking window coverings.

For transparent processing, we also provide free quotations to our customers. As the leading blackout curtain store in Dubai, we provide free samples of our curtains for the customer’s satisfaction. So, do not wait any longer to order our premium-quality room-darkening curtains.

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Get Customized Blackout Curtains Dubai At Affordable Rates

Our blackout drapes are fully customizable to your window specifications. After carefully measuring your unique windows, we craft curtains in the precise width and length needed to cover window openings and completely block outside light. Our blackout curtains in Dubai are available in different fabrics, such as velvet, cotton, or linen curtains. You can also customize the header style, thickness, and pattern of the curtain fabric with blackout lining.

Furthermore, you can also customize blackout curtains by choosing the color, design, lining fabrics, hanging style, opacity level and motorization according to your choice. Besides all that, our customisation charges are very affordable compared to the market price. So, contact us and share your customisation requirements with us.

Thick Blackout Curtains Dubai

Our Blackout Curtains Gallery 2024

Contact Us Now for a Design Consultation

Our curtain design experts provide free in-home consultations to determine the perfect blackout curtains in Dubai for your space. Contact us today to schedule a session.

Benefits Of Installing Our Blackout Curtains

Our luxurious light blocking curtains offer countless benefits, making them suitable for residential and commercial places in Dubai. Have a look at some of these benefits:

Protect Furniture

Our light-blocking curtains in Dubai will protect your furniture from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This window covering blocks 95% of the UV.

Improved Sleep Quality

Our blackout curtains in Dubai are a miracle for people working night shifts. Blocking maximum noise and light, they help you sleep peacefully with minimal distraction.


The motorized blackout curtains are ideal for the children’s room because they are cordless. Ultimately, these drapes will reduce the chances of trips and accidents.

Allergy Prevention

The dense and thick fabrics of blackout drapes minimize the accumulation of allergens and dust, contributing to better air quality in your indoor areas.

Areas of Application for Our Blackout Curtains in Dubai

Our blackout curtains are designed to suit any place. Due to their versatility, they perfectly blend with various settings, ensuring optimal light control and aesthetic appeal everywhere.


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Bedroom Blackout Curtains Dubai

Choose the Desired Blackout Curtain Type from Our Shop

Velvet Curtains 

Achieve dramatic light blockage with our thick velvet sun-blocking curtains that also dampen noise because of their plush piled fabric with an approximate thickness of 0.3” to 0.4”

Thermal Curtains

Maintain room temperatures efficiently with our thermal blackout curtains in Dubai. They feature insulating fabric to prevent heat transfer through windows up to by 40% to 50%

Motorized Curtains 

Our motorized blackout curtains are operated in 3 ways. You can control their functionality via mobile app, remote control and voice. They work silently without making any noise.

Hire Our Professional Blackout Curtain Installation Services

Trust our Fixit Curtain team for stress-free and quickest installation of your new sunblocking curtains. Our experts measure windows precisely, install mounting hardware securely, hang light-blocking curtains flawlessly, and test for total light block out. We use durable hardware for long-lasting treatment that stands up to regular use.

As soon as the fitting is done, our staff ensures complete privacy and darkness in your room. We complete blackout curtain installation in Dubai within 2 hours with the highest quality checks. Call us to book our top-notch services.

Blackout Curtains Dubai Installation

Why Choose Us For Blackout Curtains? 

Fixit Curtains is Dubai’s No.1 store that manufactures premium-quality curtains at affordable rates. We also offer an online shopping option to assist our customers. You can also get a 10% discount on your first order of blackout curtains online in Dubai. Besides all that, we offer same-day installation of our light-blocking curtains.

Better Customer Care

We are available 24/7 to promptly reply to customers’ queries.

Quick Delivery Service

Fast and reliable delivery directly to your doorstep in 2 to 3 days.

Buy Modern Blackout Curtains Dubai At Best Discount

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Feedback From Our Customers 

Great purchase for our place!
Buying motorized blackout curtains from Fixit Curtain was the best decision. Their experts help me to choose the most suitable color for the curtains according to the interior. I am really impressed by their quickest and most reliable delivery services.

Anni Joseph
Annie Jospeh

Lovely curtains with fast delivery.
The quality is amazing. I custom-ordered gray blackout curtains for my newborn’s nursery, and I am so impressed with the rich fabric, perfect sizing, and complete darkness they provide. We finally get some sleep at night thanks to these excellent curtains. Highly recommend it!!!

James Henry
James Henry

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