Motorized Curtains Dubai: Smart Home Ideas For Your Windows

You must be looking for the most contemporary curtains in Dubai to make your place luxurious and futuristic. Your search is over, as we have brought an amazing variety of top-class motorized curtains dubai with remote control options for the people of the United Arab Emirates at low rates.

Get Our Custom Motorized Curtains in Dubai To Enhance Your Home Decor

We aim to make your interior decor statement according to your ideas and vision. For this purpose, you can select our custom made curtains in Dubai. Our experts will listen to your needs and will provide you with the exact match motorized curtains that you want.

This service is the best for those who want to add a personal touch to their place. Make perfect coherence with your existing decor by getting bespoke electric curtains in Dubai from our company.

custom motorized curtains in Dubai

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We Offer Motorized Curtains Dubai at Reasonable Price

Being a customer-oriented company the prices of our products are low. If you want to avail additional discounts, place an order online today by calling us!

Transform Your Home with Our Motorized Curtains in Dubai

For the people who want technology to serve their place in a literal sense, we have brought motorized window curtains for them. Our most versatile and contemporary smart curtains are true beauty enhancers and can be a game changer for your interiors as well as they can give security like blackout curtains.

With our most premium motorized curtains dubai, be ready to bring elegance to your place. These curtains can also be integrated with the smart home system. You can also schedule the open and closing time for these smart drapes. In this way, they add an extra layer of security to your place. Besides, they can be operated remotely from your mobile with the help of a smart mobile application.


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motorized curtains in Dubai

Choose the Best Shade for Motorized Curtains

Advantages Of Our Electric Curtains

A wide set of benefits is waiting for you after the installation of our automatic curtains in Dubai. We have designed these curtains to offer clients the most practical and beautiful interior decor statement. Following are a few advantages of these curtains.







motorized curtains Dubai

Areas of Application for Our Electric Curtains

Our electric curtains are designed elegantly to improve any space’s beauty and functionality. So, you can install them anywhere you want to get effortless working and improve convenience. Here are some places where motorized curtains dubai look their best:

Living Room



Study Room


Home Theaters

Affordable Sheer curtains Dubai

Prominent Features Of Our Motorized Curtains In Dubai

Quality Assurance

Our high-quality motorized curtain operates at a very low noise level of approximately 30 dB without lag. These curtains make the noise of a whisper while working.


Our electrical curtains in Dubai are very energy-efficient. They consume approximately 1 to 2 watts of power. Their rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months with a single charge.

Automation Schedules

You can schedule the working of our electric window curtains, like opening and closing, according to your desires. Moreover, they will operate at the decided time without any lag.

Sensor Integration

The premium-quality motorized curtains in Dubai are integrated with light and temperature sensors that will open and close the curtains according to light and temperature fluctuation.

Get Our Fast Motorized Curtain Installation Services in Dubai

Besides providing our clients with top-quality products, we also offer them motorized curtains installation service in Dubai. We have a professional curtain installation crew that is available round to clock at your service. Our working area expands throughout the United Arab Emirates encompassing all the major places and suburbs as well.

The rates of these services are kept as low as possible in order to give benefits to all our clients in a true sense. If you are tight on budget and want to get a flawless installation, then no company other than Fixit Curtain should be your ultimate choice.

motorized curtains in Dubai

Our vast variety of Motorized Curtains in Dubai

Motorized Blackout Curtains
Enjoy a perfect privacy approach at your fingertips with our motorized blackout curtains in Dubai. The cost of this blackout variant is kept low as compared to other brands.

Motorized Sheer Curtains
Enlighten your whole interior with just a single click of a button by purchasing our motorized sheer curtains. These curtains are available in an extensive variety of textures and designs as well.

Custom Motorized Curtains
Transform your outdoor space conveniently and effortlessly with our prime-quality customized motorized drapes by our company. With remote-control functionality, they can be personalized according to your choice.

Why Choose Us For Motorized Curtains Dubai?

Selecting the best supplier for motorized curtains in Dubai is a necessary task. We guarantee to provide our customers with the best and all types of smart curtains needed under one roof. The professional staff at our company aim to suggest the most luxurious curtains according to your needs. In addition, our customer care department is working 24/7 to answer all your questions. We also offer top-notch electric curtain installation services in the entire UAE.

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You can request cost estimation from our experts for your curtain projects.

Instant Services

Our staff is adept and provides you with the most efficient services instantly.

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Best For Personalized Looks
I wanted to give my interior a really ravishing look and this company helped me a lot in achieving the exact thing that I wanted. Their professionals carefully listened to my vision and crafted the same smart curtains that I had thought. Thank You Team Fixit Curtain.

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Kevin McCallister - reviews

The Most Professional Company
From the very first booking to the final installation of these motorized curtains, everything went very smoothly and precisely. These people are professional and know how to work with perfection without leaving a single flaw at all. Highly recommended company for curtains services in Dubai.

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